Wednesday, January 27, 2010

How to Self-Publish Your Teacher Materials

I just wrote his article, check it out:


  1. Just read your article on eHow--I didn't know about Create Space, and that's definitely something I'm going to look into. I'm a 6th grade city English teacher: Earlier this year I tried publishing a children's book on Lulu called Ug Goes Out, about "a caveman who learns who he truly is."

    I found the experience challenging and esthetically rewarding, if not financially lucrative. I'd like to turn the book into a series about mythical characters living in suburbia whose plights allegorize various real-life special needs that my students have. What do you think?

    I recently started a blog that evaluates new technology and technology news from a teacher's perspective at --if you get a moment, stop by and download a free preview of "Ug Goes Out."

    Thanks again for your article!

  2. Check out this website, it also has great tools for teachers... As educators we have to stick together.

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