Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Five Discounts Every Teacher Should Know About

Every teacher knows that we get discounts at Barnes and Nobles (and we appreciate that), but there are a lot of other discounts out there that you don't know about.

1. Phone Service (Home and Cell)- Did you know that depending upon which county you teach in, you may be able to receice a 15% discount on your Verizon Wireless bill.
Also, you will be able to cut your home phone service down to 39.95 a year by using Magic Jack.
Also check check out this blog on free directory assistance.

2. 100's of Discounts- I've just discovered this really cool site that informs teachers about hundreds of discounts that are available to teachers. http://www.myeducationdiscount.com/

3. Software-Teachers can also receive 75% off of sofware from Microsoft Word to Adobe Creative Suite to everything in between. See my previous post for info.

4. Eye Glasses- Believe me when I tell you this, you can get a COMPLETE pair of glasses for $8.00. I'm actually wearing my $8.00 glasses right now as I type this blog, and I have no complaints. Check out this previous blog.

5. Apartments- Many apartments will either waive your application fee or give you discount on the fee. Make sure that you ask.

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