Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vocabulary and Grammar Activities for

Free Rice is a cool website that allows students to test their skills in the following disciplines: art, chemistry, English (grammar and vocab), languages (such as french and spanish), and math.

The cool thing about this website is that for each correct answer, 10 grains of rice are donated to the "World Food Programme" to help end hunger.

I use it it my classroom as a grammar/vocabulary review and a friendly competion.

1. Students are given twelve minutes to complete as much grammar or vocabulary as possible. The student with the most points receives a "prize" i.e. five extra points on their next quiz. (This can be done weekly or biweekly)

2. Students are given a chart in which they track their progress. "Prizes" can also be awarded to students who show the greatest achievement from week to week.

Note: Students are encouraged to ask questions when they are unsure as to why they got an answer wrong. One of my students was convinced that the "game was wrong" until I explained to him why he was wrong. It was a great teachable moment.

Also note: The chart that I created has a place for level, so that as students master one level, they will go to the next.

My students were very engaged in this activity, and I hope that yours will be too!