Monday, September 19, 2011

Free Student Websites for Teachers

You can actually have your students create Weebly websites that YOU get to control for FREE!

And let me tell you, Weebly websites are your not your mother's websites; they are really cool, and they look really professional and polished.

The benefits are:
You can control user names and passwords.
You decide whether the website is public or private.
You can delete websites.

The consequences:
You are only allowed 40 student accounts. If you would like to add students, the price is 10 dollars per 10 students.

Students are only only allowed to create one website at a time. (To get around this, you can have the students delete the website after you have graded it. Then you can have them create a new one.)

Websites are limited to five pages.

Note: If you upgrade to Weebly Pro, you students can create up to 10 websites with unlimited pages. Weebly Pro is 39.95 per year. I'm thinking that if you really use the websites, it might be worth the investment.

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