Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Daily Grammar: Nouns (Cape Hatteras Lighthouse)


 Identify the nouns.  State whether they are common or proper.

1.     Have you ever visited a lighthouse?
2.     Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is located in Buxton, North Carolina.
3.     It is 208 feet high.
4.     If you want to climb the lighthouse, you have to climb 257 steps.

1.     lighthouse=CN
2.     Cape Hatteras Lighthouse*=PN; Buxton=PN; North Carolina=CN
3.     feet=CN
4.     lighthouse=CN; steps=CN
* I struggled with Cape Hatteras Lighthouse because an argument could be made that Cape Hatteras is an adjective and Lighthouse is a Common Noun.  What do you think?  (For students just learning about nouns, this may be confusing. You might want to leave this sentence out or reword it.  For advanced students, this would be a great discussion.)

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