Friday, February 12, 2010

Looking for Change

As my second period (9th grade) class came in, I was digging in my purse looking for some change for a Diet Coke. I desperately wanted a soda, but I was coming up about 50 cents short. As my students came in, they seemed shocked that I was looking for change. They seemed shock that I was human.

I looked up to see about three or four of them gathered around my desk in amazement. One of the students declared Ms. Scott’s looking for money. Then they started talking amongst themselves (you know like they do in a Broadway play.) They were “singing” “Ms. Scott’s looking for money. Ms. Scott’s looking for Money. Ms. Scott’s looking for money.”

The next thing I knew, Janene, an adorable curly haired almond colored girl, (who I always thought couldn’t care whether I lived or died) threw two shiny quarters on my desk.

I really really wanted to take the money, and for a split second I thought about taking it. However, I smiled and said, “Thank you sweetheart, but I don’t take money from students. But that is so kind of you.” I then gave her a red Starburst.

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