Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What Does Diligent Mean?

A few years ago, I was passing out progress reports in my 11th grade English class. When I gave Dallas his progress report, I commented that he was doing a good job. Dallas is a good ole country boy who has good higher-order thinking skills; he has the common sense and quickness of a hunter. Dallas, who has a syrupy-thick Tennessee accent, has the type of intelligence that can often be overlooked in the traditional classroom.

Teacher: Dallas you are doing a really good job in class.

Dallas: Can you call my daddy and tell him I’m a, uh, diligent worker. Cause one time Mrs. Jackson called my daddy and told him I was a diligent worker. I don’t know what diligent means, but when Mrs. Jackson told my daddy that, it made him real happy. (Pauses for a moment) What does diligent mean?

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